The goal of project was to provide a fully set of IT components for the freshly built single family house. This starts at the basics like networking including Wi-Fi, goes over a server to provide services and space to share data in the network and ends with devices such as printer, phone and an entertainment system.

Having never done something on this scale it was a challenging project for me and I was able to learn a lot, not only on the technical side, but also on the business and inter personal side.

The planning phase had a lot of playroom, since the client didn't provide many requirements, but this brought its own wealth of uncertainties.

During installation we've run into several issues that weren't foreseeable during the planning and we had to improvise to find a working and acceptable solution. In the end we've achieved to provide a modern and very powerful setup many families can only dream of.

Occasionally I'm still providing support for the whole setup. If possible from remote, but sometimes you just need to be physically there to solve for example certain networking issues.


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