Lightspeed is a small skill-based game, which has been created during the first SFML Game Jam. The goal of the game is to collect as many points as possible by advancing as far as possible.


The game is completely keyboard based, thus no mouse is required. To navigate the menu, you use the Up and Down arrows keys and to select an entry you use Enter.

While playing the game you use the Left and Right key to move the player and you can get an faster movement when holding Space.

The text in the upper right corner tells you what the currently active effect is. If there's no text, then current state is Normal. Next to the different effects there are also variations in speed. The speed can increase or decrease. The background strips can also have different speeds making things a bit more confusing.

Moving in the danger zone in front of an in-coming box, also known as beam, will grant you a triple point multiplier. The multiplier will only be active when no effect is active.

Although I don't advise you to quit the game, but if you want to do so anyways, you can either use Esc to open the in-game menu or simply close the window with the [X] or by pressing Alt+F4.

Download & Source

Windows (32 bits) Linux (64 bits) Sourcecode Git Repository

SFML Game Jam

This is my submission to the first SFML Game Jam. You can find my submission amongst all the other posts here. After the Game Jam I've written a blog post, explaining a few details. Check it out here.